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Omra Meat Processing (EPZ) Limited is a privately owned company with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our company is guided by commitment to quality that formed the company general objective when the company opened its doors. Omra Meat Processing (EPZ) Limited is located at the Export Processing Zone in Athi River, Machakos County which is very ideal for the company operations due to its location.


To establish a respectable export brand and a financially sound company.


To provide products that are of superior quality, convenient and of value to our customers at good prices.


Our enduring success rests largely on our commitment to our principles. At Omra Meet Processing (EPZ) Limited, the following values guide all decisions we make.

Committed to handling our products under hygienic conditions while keeping their wholesome quality and safety to health.

Replicate in the highest quality products and the best possible service to our customers.

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Demonstrated by our modern technology investment in new product advancement and developing process improvements.

Driven by our desire to tap into new and advanced markets to provide every customer with unique solutions.

Proven by our superior product safety track record and by providing a supportive and safe working environment for all employees.

It is with these values that Omra Meat Processors (EPZ) Limited has grown from humble beginnings in meat processing to a renowned Meat Processor in the region.

The company is constructed a modern abattoir and meat-processing complex that was custom built to meet the stringent hygiene and safety criteria set by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, the World Health Organization and the European Union.

Today Omra Meat Processors operates a privately owned slaughterhouse and meat processing plant in Kenya. Our beef processed products are unique as we are sourced from farmers whom we have partnered with to rare the best breeds. Our technical team works hand in hand with farmers to enable them understand modern method of farming. This integration gives us total control of the origin and freshness of all products and enables us to ensure the quality of our products at every step.

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